Its the Fourth. I got a handfull of high end boomies thanx to a good friend, most of them look homemade. One looks like a baked potato on a stick.. the other named smurf nuts. We tried "camping" in my yard last night.. and it was like trying to sleep in a battle zone. imagine trying to get a 2 year old to sleep for the first time ever sleeping in a tent.. and WWIII is on a block over. It's been a weird couple of months.

2020 cliff notes [Taken from som anonymous post from the internet.. ]:

In January, Australia caught on fire. I donít even know if that fire was put out, because we straight up almost went to war with Iran. We might actually still be almost at war with them. I donít know, because Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt spoke to one another at an awards show and everyone flipped the f--- out, but then there was thing happening in China, then Prince Harry and Megan peaced out of the Royal family, and there was the whole impeachment trial, and then corona virus showed up in the US ďofficially,Ē but then Kobe died and UK peaced out of the European Union.

In February, Iowa crapped itself with the caucus results and the president was acquitted and the Speaker of the House took ten years to rip up a speech, but then WHO decided to give this virus a name COVID-19, which confused some really important people in charge of, like, our lives, into thinking there were 18 other versions before it, but then Harvey Weinstein was found guilty, and Americans started asking if Corona beer was safe to drink, and everyone on Facebook became a doctor who just knew the flu like killed way more people than COVID 1 through 18.

In March, shit hit the fan. Warren dropped out of the presidential race and Sanders was like Bernie or bust, but then Italy shut its whole ass down, and then COVID Not 1 through 18 officially become what everyone already realized, a pandemic and then a nationwide state of emergency was declared in US, but it didnít really change anything, so everyone was confused or thought it was still just a flu, but then COVID Not 18 was like yaíll not taking me seriously? Iím gonna infect the one celebrity everyone loves and totally infected Tom Hanks, but then the DOW took a shit on itself, and most of us still donít understand why the stock market is so important or even a thing (I still donít), but then we were all introduced to Tiger King. (Carol totally killed her husband), and Netflix was like youíre welcome, and we all realized there was no way we were washing our hands enough in the first place because all of our hands are now dry and gross.

In April, Bernie finally busted himself out of the presidential race, but then NYC became the set of The Walking Dead and we learned that no one has face masks, ventilators, or toilet paper, or THE FREAKING SWIFFER WET JET LIQUID, but then Kim Jong-Un died, but then he came back to lifeÖ or did he? Who knows, because then the Pentagon released videos of UFOs and nobody cared, and we were like man, itís only AprilÖ.

In May, the biblical end times kicked off historical locust swarms and then we learned of murder hornets and realized that 2020 was the start of the Hunger Games but people forgot to let us know, but then people legit protested lockdown measures with AR-15s, and then sports events were cancelled everywhere. But then people all over America finally reached a breaking point with race issues and violence. There were protests in every city, but then people forgot about the pandemic called COVID Not One Through 18. Media struggled with how to focus on two important things at once, but then people in general struggle to focus on more than one important thing, and a dead whale was found in the middle of the Amazon rain forest after monkeys stole COVID 1 Through 19 from a lab and ran off with them, and either in May or April (no one is keeping track of time now) that a giant asteroid narrowly missed Earth. In June, science and common sense just got thrown straight out the window and somehow wearing masks became a political thing, but then a whole lot of people realized the south was actually the most unpatriotic thing ever and actually lost the civil war, and there are a large amount of people who feel that statues they donít even know the name of are needed for Ö history reasons..... but then everyone sort of remembered there was a pandemic, but then decided that not wearing a mask was somehow a God given right (still haven't found that part in the bible or even in the constitution), but then scientists announced they found a mysterious undiscovered mass at the center of the earth, and everyone was like DONíT YOU DARE TOUCH IT, but then everyone took a pause to realize that people actually believed Gone With The Wind was like non-fiction, but then it was also announced that there is a strange radio signal coming from somewhere in the universe that repeats itself every so many days, and everyone was like DONíT YOU DARE ATTEMPT TO COMMUNICATE WITH IT, but then America reopened from the shut down that actually wasnít even a shut down, and so far, things have gone spectacularly not that great, but everyone is on Facebook arguing that masks kill because no one knows how breathing works, but then Florida was like hold my beer and let me show you how weíre number one in all things, including new Not Corona Beer Corona Virus. Trump decides now is a good time to ask the Supreme Court to shut down Obama Care because what better time to do so than in the middle of a pandemic, but then we learned there was a massive dust cloud coming straight at us from the Sahara Desert, which is totally normal, but this is 2020, so the ghost mummy thing is most likely in that dust cloud, but then I learned of meth-gators, and I'm like that is so not on my f-ing 2020 Bingo card, but then we learned that the Congo's worst ever Ebola outbreak is over, and we were all like, there was an Ebola outbreak that was the worst ever?

In JulyÖ. Aliens? Zeus? Asteroids? Artificial Intelligence becomes self aware?

now, where does this leave me in all this mess? Walla Walla.. like a damn Brigadoon of the planet, pleasantly skipped by all this bs, yet feelign the effects like everyone else. When lockdown hit, I went on Doubletime, everyone needed to work from home, or school from home, extra monitors, tablets setup, how do i work ZOOM? do you have an extra webcam?. It was a transistion and I was someone that could facilitate one.

the Husdson


I'm back!! Like fully. and Holy hell do i got a tale for you!!

The plan was to drive up Tiger Creek, almost to skyline, and drop in on an almost lost trailhead that follows the beginning of the North Fork of the Walla Walla.

Next morning, up hill over a saddle, to a Plane crash.

Follow bear Creek downhill, till it Meets with the South Fork of the Walla Walla and follow it back to Harris Park, where Keating let us park at his place..


Everything on day one went according to plan. THe trail was gorgeous, and we probably gathered over 2lbs of mushrooms along the way.

by 4 we were about as low as we were going to go along the North fork, before crossing and heading up the saddle to the other side. So we found a neat little spot to make residence for the night and everyone set up camp. Mom had a tent, I had my hammock, Andy and emily wandered off to make their own hobo villa, And peter thru down an old shower curtain and sleeping bag and called it good.


I'm 125lbs.

Last tuesday I had the ultrasound to diagnos what progress had been made along this cleanse.. I wish i had this tech the first time round.

During my first UltraSound the tech straight told me she wasnt alowed to say anything.. W..T..F..

Before we even got started she told me she saw my last results and "was impressed" the number of stones alone had exceeded anything she'd witnessed in the tenure of her ultrasounding.

It was a no brainer.. by the time I was putting my hoodie back on all my back and forth fence jumping about what needed to happen next was clear as a bell. Eviction was immenanat.

That night I had another gall attack. Like some kind of vengeful bitch girlfriend that was acting so nice while she could tell i was debating out future. And as soon as I had made the inner choice to let her go, the crazy came out.

I had to go to Kahlotus for another shitshow job in the cannabis calamity of washington state. 5 hours in the sand and we were clibing in the car to get out of there. i chugged a Protein shake and induced another attack that lasted all the way home and thru the night.

I saw the surgeon the next morning. Lets do this. In jest I asked if she was free tomorrow.. within moments i was slated to get cut open less than 24 hours later.

I had enough time to grab provisions and a 55 inch tv and set them up in the spare bedroom. Main floor. Near bathroom. high bed. etc.

The surgery went fast and smooth and i've been recovering nice and slow. I've been letting my core call all the shots and luckily there hasnt been any fires in my work that have tried to expedite my healing.

Day 5, eating more, rolling around more, and enjoying the sun. Looking forward to the day I dont have to live in fear over what I eat.


I been pretty sick.. took em almost 3 months (and 30lbs lost) to finally properly diagnose that i have gall stones. Not hepatitus.. not an ulcer.. it was gall stones all along.

of course western medicine says, yank the gallbladder!.. but there are other ways that dont involve cutting me open. So currently i'm on a holistic regiment of bitter nastiness that hopefully will clear these naturally. I have alot of faith in those that are helping me, and more so in the body itself if i can just give it the right time and tools.

Be patient with me.. this has been a real ass whoopin.

Guess who got an update while i was "resting"..


Tall People

Just landed from a great Labor Day weekend. 4 days of nonstop good times.

Friday Was day one of 2019 BassCamp, loaded with Good friends, good food, and good tunes! Cia started off the setlist and i was the DJ after, but i had to bail just after my set as I was slated to be in the parade that next morning and staging was 8:45 and i needed to be on stilts and in a suit to lead the parade.

Me and Banyon Wobbled and marched our long legs the 1 mile stretch for a nice paycheck and plenty of time left in the weekend for more fun.


I met up with Jennilyn for lunch and to gather all the forgotten goods from the night before and she rolled up to basscamp with me to spend a good stretch with us. Swimmin on unicorn floaties and hammering the nails that were coming loose in the Bridge, but by dark she had to get back to lil Olivia, and I danced the night away.

Sunday we woke, pigged out on french fries that were homemade in a mongolian sheild wok as we cleaned up the grounds. Once home we headed straight for the creek. it. has. been HOT.

Monday I found a kiddo bike seat to mount up for Olivia and it was a day of bikes and more creek fun. and got to finish it off training with Keating.

10/10 would do again.

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