By explaining the idea behind your character, & describing what you think your character should start with, you & the GM will decide your beginning equipment.

All weapons have a Base Damage Rating from 1 to 10. A fist would do 1 Dmg, though a Shotgun could do 4 Dmg. Yet, a cannon might reach 10 Dmg.

Missile Weapons work a bit diffrent then normal melee weapons. Not only do they have a base damage but they also have a range. These ranges show how far you can throw or make the shot go, they are divided into basic catagories: Point blank, Small, Medium, & Long range. These ranges affect how easy it is to hit your target. (Strength might also effect the basic range.)

Burst & Grenade weapons affect not just a spot but an area. Burst fire machine guns affect a cone starting from the barrel. Grenades & explosives affect a radial area. Anyone caught in these areas of affect are subject to being hit, therefore considered a defender, and must roll to dodge.

Remeber ALL weapons have minimum attribute scores needed to be wielded, the bigger or more complex the weapon the more needed to use it.

Armor can be used to cease damage infliction. (Where Applicable: If Ren is fighting off an ankle-biting Muskrat, yet is wearing a set of upper-body football armor, it's a little hard to use the armor to block the teeth of the Muskrat.) Leather & Soft Armors will protect against Slashing Weapons, but are useless against Bludgeoning weapons. Metal, wood or other hard armors can take the beating from Slashing, or Bludgeoning weapons but may be easy to peirce. The bare flesh has no Soak, a leather jacket could be a 2 Soak & a Bulletproof vest may be 4 Soak. Hiding behind a car door could serve for 2-5 Soak. Soak is the amount of damage the armor can take in one hit. If the damage inflicted exceeds the Soak the rest of the damage goes to the Vitality of the owner.

Armor also has its own Hit Points, this is called the armor's HITS. As armor takes damage it slowly gets beaten & battered to a point of uselessness. Each time a hit occurs that is Soaked by the armor, it loses as many Hits as was blocked. (No damage is taken from any excess that went to the bearer.) Ren Takes a hit from a Bat (3dmg) and he is wearing padding tin-plate armor 3 Soak, so luckily the Armor takes all the damage. But that 3dmg is taken off the armor Hits. It's rated at 30Hits. But now it's down to 27Hits.(30Hits- 3dmg)

Armor can slowly be mended back together, 2 Hits can be restored to the armor for every hour the character spends mending it [JimmyRig]. If the damage exceeds half or more of the armors effiency (Hits) then mending must be done by a professional* to ensure protection. *(Someone with the ArmorWorking skill)

Check out the Sample Equipment!

These Equipment list were taken from Fallout, & are meant to give a Storyteller an example of how weapons & armor ratings work. It is by no means a restricted list. There are many things one may find in the desolate new World.