Poison Types and Effects

Most poisons have a effect that lasts as long as it passes through the body. This can be represented as a Damage Rate (damage/time) for a given period of time. Vitality Checks are made on the interval.

Type A -
The most common kind of poison, Type A is a mild infection often carried in the bite of some kinds of animals. Causes 1 Vit Dmg of damage every 6 hours (roll Vitality for no damage), and stays in the system for 18 hours.
1 Vit Dmg/ 6 hours for 18 Hours (Vit Check vs DC 4 =No Damage)

Type A - Level II -
A distilled version of the Type A poison, this irritant is used by tribals for hunting small game. In mass quantities, it could make a person very sick. Causes 1 Vit Dmg of damage every 3 hours (roll Vitality for no damage), and stays in the system for 18 hours.
1 Vit Dmg/ 3 hours for 18 Hours (Vit Check vs DC 5 =No Damage)

Type B -
This is a far nastier kind of poison. Most often found in the sting of a radscorpion, it can easily kill the unprepared adventurer. A refined version of this poison is used to make Antidote. Causes 2 Vit Dmg of damage every 3 hours (roll Vitality for half damage), and stays in the system for 24 hours.
2 Vit Dmg/ 3 hours for 24 Hours (Vit Check vs DC 6 = Half Damage)

Type B - Level II -
Distilled radscorpion venom, used for hunting bigger game. Causes 1 Vit Dmg of damage per hour (roll Vitality for half), and stays in you for 24 hours.
1 Vit Dmg/ hour for 24 Hours (Vit Check vs DC 7 = Half Damage)

Type C -
Very rarely will an animal have a poison this bad, but it does happen. Certain spiders and snakes were known to have a venom like this before the War, and it is likely that someone out there has it now. Type C poison causes the victim to go into shock about 1 hour after contact, and they slip into a coma for 1d10 days. For each day the character spends in a coma and goes untreated by a doctor or an antidote, that character must successfully roll against DC of or die.
1 wp / 10 mintues then coma for 1D10 Days (Vit Check vs DC 8 per day in Coma, or death)

Type D -
The worst kind of poison. These are generally only made in laboratories, although there may be some species out there that carry them. Causes death 5 minutes after exposure, unless a Unique Antidote is administered.
1 Vit Dmg/ Minute for 30 Minutes (Vitality Check vs DC 12!!)

Paralytic Type -
This poison could be considered an ill-effect causing drug. Normally used to seize up the nervous system in large game, it is common in plain tribes. It has Paralytic effects causing severe abdominal cramps and sickness, incapacitating the victim for 12 hours after contact, effectively lowering Strength, Agility and Will Power for 12 hours.
Vitality Check vs DC 5 upon contact or suffer Paralytic Effects: -5 to Str, Agi & Int for 12 Hours

Disease and Virus Effects

When a character is exposed to disease, he must make an immediate Vitality Check. If he succeeds, the disease has no effect -- his immune system fought off the infection. If he fails, he takes damage after an incubation period. Every interval afterward, he must make a successful Vitality Check to avoid repeated damage. Two successful Vitality Checks in a row indicate that he has fought off the disease and recovers, taking no more damage.

**Vaccines can be administered to Prevent the infection from viruses for a limited time, though once the virus is contracted it will do nothing but further harm.

West Nile -
West Nile virus is spread to humans by the bite of an adult infected mosquito. A mosquito is infected by biting a bird that carries the virus. Symptoms: May experience no illness or experience only a mild flu-like symptoms.
Exposure Check:Injury (Vitality vs DC 2)
Incubation Period:Vit x 2 days
Damage: 1 Vit Dmg/ 24 hours

Salmonellosis -

Exposure Check:Injested (Vitality vs DC 6)
Incubation Period:24 Hours
Damage: 1 Vit Dmg / 12 hours

Small Pox -
The first symptoms of smallpox include fever, malaise, head and body aches, and sometimes vomiting. People are usually too sick to carry on their normal activities. Followed by Pustular crusty scab-covered bumpy rash which will fall off, leaving marks on the skin that eventually become pitted scars. Most scabs will have fallen off three weeks after the rash appears. The person is contagious to others until all of the scabs have fallen off.
Exposure Check:Inhaled (Vitality vs DC 7)
Incubation Period:Vitality + 7 (Days)
Damage: 1 Vit Dmg / Day

Radition Levels and Effects

Every ten minutes exposed to Radiation you will need to make a Vitality Check to determine if you have contracted Radiation Poisoning. This check may be modified based on the current level of radiation you are exposed to. If contracted, 24 hours after exposure the following effects occur depending on the level of exposure, these symptoms will reoccur indefinately untill treated:

Level 1 -
The lightest amount, the Character feels abnormally tired.
Check:(DC 2) every 10 minutes exposed.
Damage: 1 wp/ 12 hours

Level 2 -
Character begins to feel weak and achy. Skin itches slightly. A sunburn-like rash appears.
Check:(DC 4) every 10 minutes exposed.
Damage: 1 Vit Dmg/ 24 hours

Level 3 -
Character feels weaker. Muscles and joints hurt. The skin itches and small, open sores begin to develop. Some hair begins to fall out. Normal humans generally cannot reproduce (or have very mutated children) at about this level of radiation poisoning.
Check:(DC 6) every 10 minutes exposed.
Damage: 1 Vit Dmg/ 12 hours

Level 4 -
Character begins to vomit and experience diarrhea. Joints and muscles still hurt, but that's the least of their problems at this point. Open sores cover the skin, and hair falls out in large clumps. They develop a nice glow at night.
Check:(DC 8) every 10 minutes exposed.
Damage: 1 Vit Dmg/ 6 hours

Level 5 -
Character vomits blood, as well as experiences bloody diarrhea. Hair is gone at this point. The skin begins to get soft, and hangs off in places. Death will occur in 72 hours after experiencing this amount of radiation poisoning, unless treated.
Check:(DC 10) every 10 minutes exposed.
Damage: 1 Vit Dmg/ 4 hours

Level 6 -
Forget the 24 hour time limit; this level of radiation poisoning causes unconsciousness a few minutes after exposure. A few minutes after that, the character's body begins to shut down. One only experiences this level of if they decide to prowl around ground-zero without some protection.
Check:(DC 12) every 10 minutes exposed.
Damage: 1 Vit Dmg/ 2 hours